Green thumbs flock for first Local Nursery Crawl

Green thumbs flock for first Local Nursery Crawl

CHICO, Calif. - Sunday may not have been the best day to get out in the garden but it was a still good weekend to check out Butte County nurseries.

This weekend was the first ever Local Nursery Crawl.

Staff at Magnolia Gift and Garden spearheaded the event, which saw green thumbs flock to area nurseries and gardening centers.

Organizers put a map up on the web to guide people to local nurseries big and small.

The idea was to show people businesses they might otherwise not know about and to draw some attention from the big box retailers.

"The response was absolutely incredible," said Trish Howard of Magnolia Gift and Garden, who put the Local Nursery Crawl together. "Everybody had such a great time and we had throngs and throngs of people enjoying everything the local nurseries had to offer."

Saturday was the more successful of the two day event, due to the ideal conditions outside.

Even though the skies opened up Sunday, the rain couldn't keep avid gardeners like Wendy Brown from checking out local nurseries.

"I've been a nursery person for decades but it's just kind of fun," Brown said. "You figured there would be little special things at some of the nurseries and I'd go to some nurseries that I wouldn't normally go to. It's just a great idea."

The first Local Nursery Crawl was such a popular event, Howard says they're already hoping to have another one in the fall.

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