Hospital performs emergency scenario

PARADISE, Calif. - Feather River Hospital in Paradise held a drill Thursday to prepare for multiple casualty incidents.

The hospital staff said this is crucial because they need to be ready to treat their patients and know where else they could send them.

The drill assumed a multiple-car accident happened and a school bus crashed into a gas station nearby.

Butte County first responders and paramedics teamed up with the Feather River Hospital staff to act out the scenario.

Hospital staff set up a triage tent outside of the hospital to treat the 30 simulated patients to see if they needed to be admitted to Feather River Hospital or go to another facility for minor injuries.

Feather River Hospital officials said it's very important to stay sharp on these skills.

"We want to make sure that in real life, should a tragedy happen that we are ready to go and that everything is seamless," said Eden Davis, media and communications director.

Feather River Hospital also brought the "patients" into the emergency room and checked their vital signs and pretended to give them medication.

The last mass casualty incident the hospital faced was back in 2008 during the massive wildfires in Butte County. The drill is performed twice a year.

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