Hundreds at Chico State Spent Cesar Chavez Day Cleaning the City

CHICO, Calif. - Usually Cesar Chavez Day translates to a lot of partying in Chico, but hundreds of students decided to spend their day off on from school cleaning the city up instead.

"We take pride in our community," said Chico State junior, Layton Piveer.

The event was called "Cats in the Community".  On Monday morning, nearly 200 students chose among a handful of businesses that needed an extra hand.  The businesses included: Chico Fire, The Jesus Center and the Butte Humane Society.

"We wanted to have an event that would have a positive outlook toward the community instead of destroying it, so it's great to see this big of a turnout," said the group's organizer, Krista Farnady.

Sophomore Paige Schofield seemed to agree.

"I love animals and I just think it would be wonderful with all the dogs and cats," Schofield said. She is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, one of the 25 social Greek chapters that were suspended back in November.

"[It's important to be] showing that Greeks are involved in the community right now.  I just wanted to help out," said Schofield. She said that 'Cats in the Community' is a great way to change the 'party school' image Chico State currently carries.

Other students said they are also getting tired of their school's rowdy label and they want everybody to participate in changing it.

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