Jury being selected for a man accused of shooting a Chico pastor

OROVILLE, Calif. - A man accused of shooting a Butte County pastor in September 2011 is set to go on trial.

Jury selection began on Monday in the murder trial of Jeffery Menzies.

Both the prosecution and the defense combed through dozens of people who could potentially hold the fate of Menzies in their hands.

Menzies is charged with shooting and killing David Yang, a young Chico pastor and a Simpson University graduate, at Highway 32 and Bruce Road.  Officers say after a night of drinking on September 21, 2011, Menzies parked just off Highway 32, loaded a hunting rifle with ammo, hid in a bush and opened fire, killing Yang instantly.

Both parties and the Judge James Reilly asked potential jurors questions about their knowledge of the case.

Jury selection is expected to continue on Tuesday morning.

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