Law enforcement arrest 14 for DUI over holiday weekend

CHICO, Calif. - The results are in for the enhanced DUI enforcement in the Northstate over the Independence Day holiday weekend.

In Butte County between Friday and Sunday a total of 14 people were arrested for DUI as part of the Avoid the 8 campaign.

In the city of Red Bluff no arrests for DUI but there were a couple of tickets given for suspended licenses, one for speeding, and one for not having a license.

No numbers were released by the Avoid the 5 campaign in Shasta County.

The Paradise Police Department had a DUI checkpoint on Saturday. Nearly 800 cars passed through; seven people were arrested, one for being under the influence of drugs and six for driving with a suspended license.

The Red Bluff Police Department said in 2012 there were 802 DUI related deaths nationwide during Independence Day weekend. It's the first time the number of fatalities has gone up in the last five years.

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