Long lost sisters meet for the first time

Long lost sisters meet for the first time

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A 64-year-old Northstate woman met her biological sister for the very first time.

Kathy Parmenter of Magalia said she was adopted at birth and she didn't even know about her sister until 12 years ago. The two sisters were united for the first time Thursday morning at Sacramento International Airport.

"I didn't find out I was adopted until I was 26," Parmenter said.

Parmenter first figured out who her sister was nine months ago. Her name is Vickie Kucera and she lives in Phoenix, AZ. They soon made plans to reunite.

When Parmenter and Kucera met for the first time, applause roared through the terminal.

Parmenter's adoptive aunt gave her the adoption papers when her mother died. Kucera's name was on them.

"They were supposed to have been burnt," Parmenter said. "She felt it was the right thing to do by giving them to me."

The two vow to be close, and never be apart again.

"We are going to sit down and talk," Kucera said. "We finally did it."

Kucera is staying in the Northstate for 10 days, and the two said they have no activities planned. All they want to do is catch up on all the years they lost spending time together.

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