Man arrested after allegedly trying to lure a girl into van

Man arrested after allegedly trying to lure a girl

OROVILLE, Calif. - An Oroville man was arrested Saturday after police said he tried to lure a young girl into his van Friday.

Police fear there may be more potential victims.

67-year-old Edward Sylva was arrested at USA Park near Mitchell Field on 5th Avenue.

It started Friday when a four-year-old girl playing at the playground says Sylva tried to lure her into his Dodge Caravan to go to the bathroom.

Oroville Police say she screamed and alerted her mother before they left the park. Not long after, at Hewitt Park, a short distance away, they said they again saw Sylva in the park's parking lot. Police were not notified.

Then on Saturday while again at USA Park, the girl notified her mother that Sylva was in the area parked near the ball fields.

At that point several parents confronted the man; one man snapping a photo of his license plate.

Police were called but Sylva had already left the scene by the time they arrived. He was later located and arrested at the Nelson Sports Complex on the other side of town. He's being charged with attempted lewd acts with a child and annoying/molesting a child.

Oroville Police Sergeant John Bruschi said Sylva is no stranger to parks and ball fields.

"He's well known to the Oroville area and sports fields through softball," said Bruschi.  "And there is good reason to believe that there may be other kids out there, dating back to yesterday and the day before, where he may have contacted them."

Bruschi said Sylva frequents the downtown parks and fields as well as the Nelson Sports Complex.

Parents or anyone else with additional information are urged to contact the Oroville Police Department.

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