Man charged after bragging on Twitter tries to change plea

Man charged after bragging on Twitter tries to change plea

CHICO, Calif. - A teen who pleaded no contest to punching another man in the face then bragged about it on social media aimed to change his plea in court Wednesday.

Rodney Freeman went before a judge to present his case, but was delayed because Freeman has a new attorney.

His attorney said he needs more time to see if there's enough evidence to withdraw his client's plea.

Freeman pleaded no contest in August to punching Daniel Chesterman last winter in Chico.
He then tweeted,  "I literally collapsed half of someone's face last night. #newsoftheday."
Police initially ruled the case mutual combat, but after we brought the tweet to light Freeman was arrested.
Freeman was originally represented by Michael Rooney and Roland Bennett, but there was a falling out in December.

Public defender Mark Stapleton has been assigned to the case.
Stapleton told the judge he needs more time to review the case to see if Freeman entered his initial plea voluntarily.

"Those are the things I want to examine which I presumed are present [Freeman's plea document].  We require plea forms in every case," said Stapleton.

Stapleton said he will also interview Rooney and Bennett.  He will also interview the district attorney as well.   

Stapleton also wanted to make sure the right judge is in place.
Originally Judge Steven Howell heard Freeman's plea in August, but Howell retired at the end of the year.

Freeman's sentencing was set for Jan. 29, but now that date is set to see if Stapleton will file a motion to change Freeman's plea.
The Chesterman family said Wednesday afternoon Daniel has to have more surgery to fix one of the four screws in his face caused by the assault.

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