New Details In Deputy Involved Shooting

     A month after a fatal deputy involved shooting, Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey called for a press conference to explain the details of the case.
      Officials say Deputy Chris Dineen had no other choice but shoot at 50-year-old Wayne Oxley.
     On December 20th Deputies with the Butte County Sheriff's Office say Oxley fired off shotgun rounds near his home on Bethany Circle in Magalia and called 911 multiple times.
     Deputy Dineen responded and found Oxley standing in front of his Ford F-250 truck.
     The Deputy saw Oxley in a shadow and didn't see the gun.
     Once he did--Deputy Dineen jumped behind this toyota truck 5 feet away from Oxley.
     Oxley demanded the Deputy to put down his gun.
     The Deputy then lowered his hand but pulled out his flashlight and opened fire
     Ramsey says Oxley had mental restrictions in another jurisdiction, but it's not confirmed whether he was institutionalized.
     Ramsey says the family appreciates how officers handled this situation.

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