New Details In The Officer Involved in Chico Shooting

CHICO, Calif. - District Attorney Mike Ramsey shared all the details about the officer-involved shooting that happened last Tuesday.

Ramsey says Wayne Renner had what he would call "mood swings" for many years.  Three weeks before Renner's death he was in a mood that would make him start talking to people who weren't there and make him think he was in combat.

Ramsey says Renner barricaded himself with a handful of guns shooting 33 rounds at all angles from inside the house.  The bullets went inside of a 10-year-old boy's bedroom on White Avenue.  Renner also fired shots through next-door neighbor's wall.  The bullets landed in a 3-year-old girl's room.

Police also say they heard Renner inside screaming, "I'm going to kill you!"

Ramsey says the police did an excellent by keeping everyone safe.

"The brave actions of the Chico SWAT and all members of the Chico Police Department that were out there and doing an extraordinary professional job," says Ramsey.  "The "what if's" are horrifying."

Renner had no criminal history two weeks before his death.  He was arrested twice the week before his death for being involved in two high-speed chases with guns in the car.

The four officers that shot Renner went through a psychological evaluation after the standoff.

Three of those officers returned to work today and other officer will go back to work when he scheduled.

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