New rules revealed for upcoming Labor Day float

HAMILTON CITY, Calif. - The rules have been set for this year's Labor Day float and law enforcement is warning everyone that no alcohol is allowed this year.

On Monday morning, all of the law agencies from Butte and Glenn counties warned everyone if they find anyone with alcohol on the river, they will be cited.

College students are agreeing that there should no alcohol allowed on the ever-popular Labor Day float.

"I was afraid last year.  I didn't personally drink but I was with people who didn't know where they were and I got lost because they disappeared," said Stina Trignani.

Chico State Junior Stina Trignani talked about the encounters she had last year at the Labor Day float and explained that you don't need alcohol to have a good time.

"I still made tons of friends, I still floated down the floated down the river, I got to tan.  I got party with the music but I wasn't drunk and I still had a lot of fun," said Trignani.

She was one of the thousands of people who flood a mile stretch of the Sacramento River on the border of the Butte and Glenn County line.

Last year, it was okay to drink on the river but following the death of Bay Area native Brett Olson last September - the rules have drastically changed and no booze will be allowed.

"Don't come here thinking that you're going to get a break," said Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones. 

"There's a lot of energy and effort  that we are putting forth Labor Day weekend to try to keep people safe," said Butte County Sheriff Jerry Smith.

All law agencies from both Butte and Glenn County met at Irvine Finch - where the float usually starts - to warn floaters that there will be no exceptions to the drinking on the river rule.

"Those who just come for the party will now realize that we are taking serious, no-tolerance measures in hopes that we prevent tragedies on the Sacramento River," said Jones.

The new rules will be no alcohol consumption from the start of the Highway 32 bridge to the mouth of Big Chico Creek  and no drinking within 50 feet of the water.

Also, to ease the crowds this year- the CHP will be closing River Road on the north side on Sunday.

"We don't want to dissuade people coming to the river and enjoying the water way. We want to dissuade people coming to the river intoxicated. If they have alcohol on or near the river they will be cited," said Smith.

It's rules like these that give Stina Trignani peace of mind.

"Now that these rules are set into place, it might make me feel a little more comfortable.  I'll probably will be going," said Trignani.

If you don't like these new rules or just don't want to deal with the crowds- Chico State is offering a bunch of different activities this weekend.

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