Newlywed-couple's home destroyed in fire

Newlywed-couple's home destroyed in fire

CHICO, Calif. - A newlywed couple is without a home after theirs caught fire Thursday night.

Chico fire said the blaze was sparked by the home's water heater.
Peter Vega, the owner of the home, was stunned and devastated after watching his home burn.
"I just started a family and to see it go down and not being able to do anything about it was hard to take," said Vega.
Vega said he and his new wife came home around 11:30 p.m.
"Once we got here, we saw a lot of smoke right away and we opened the door, that's when we called 911.  When I saw the left side, I could see the fire lit up," said Vega.
The fire erupted near his bedroom and bathroom.
"It got into the bathroom.  It got the whole bedroom and it destroyed pretty much all of the inside in a matter of minutes.  It didn't take long until nothing was good anymore," said Vega.
Chico fire arrived on scene within minutes, and they battled the flames shooting out from the bottom of the trailer.
"Firefighters got here, and they kept it to the backroom," said Division Chief Shane Lauderdale of the Chico Fire Department.  "Fortunately they saved most of the property for these folks."
Vega said the biggest loss isn't the furniture or the clothing but the things that are not replaceable.
"We had a lot of stuff from the wedding such as: memories, pictures, and stuff we were going to give back to our groomsmen," said Vega.
Vega and his wife got married in August and said that they don't have home owner's insurance to cover for the damage.
"We were actually talking about it, and we didn't sign anything," said Vega.  "This happened right away."

Fire officials say these kinds of fires are very common in mobile homes.  They advise anyone living in a home like this to regularly check the water heater.
As for the Vega's they plan to move into an apartment.  The Red Cross has been assisting them.

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