Officer-involved shooting leaves one dead in Chico

Officer-involved shooting leaves one dead in Chico

CHICO,Calif. - One person is dead following an officer-involved shooting in Chico Tuesday afternoon on the 800 block of Pomona Avenue around 1:30 p.m.

"Our detectives were conducting surveillance on a residence with possible armed robbery suspects from this past week," Chico Police Chief Mike O'Brien said. "We had several armed robberies at convenience stores. Our detectives were watching the location in preparation for the service of a search warrant that was going to be conducted by our SWAT team."

He explained that a person of interest in the case left the house armed, and detectives confronted him. That was at the intersection of West 7th Street and Pomona Avenue.

"A gun battle did ensue. I don't have any details regarding that other than the officers, the detectives that were involved, are OK," O'Brien stated.

He added that the Chico Police Department wasn't going to confirm anything about the man's condition. However, the coroner was called to the scene.

Several people have been detained and O'Brien said that officers are still talking to people inside the house.

He is also warning the public to stay away from the area because it is still dangerous.

"We've got it stabilized for the moment. Stabilized but still dangerous," O'Brien stated.

He added that officers are expected to be at the scene for several hours.

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