Officials: Calif. faces $50 billion price tag for flood control

WASHINGTON (AP) - WASHINGTON (AP) - California faces an estimated $50 billion price tag for roads, dams and other infrastructure threatened by floods and storms such as the one that severely damaged the Oroville Dam spillway.
Nearly 200,000 people were evacuated three weeks ago amid fears of a catastrophic flood.
The cost is according to California Natural Resources Secretary John Laird, who says proposals by Gov. Jerry Brown for $387 million for flood control and emergency response were "an important start" but fall far short of the amount needed to address flood projects statewide.
Testifying at a Senate hearing on Wednesday, Laird said California is experiencing what is likely its wettest year ever, with severe winter storms bringing torrential rain and significant snow after five years of drought.
Damage to California's highways is estimated at nearly $600 million.

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