Owners open restaurant after long battle with city

Owners opens new restaurant after long battle with city

CHICO, Calif. - Butte CountyA new restaurant is set to open its doors Friday night in downtown Chico after months of fighting the city for an alcohol license.

Owners of the B Street Oyster Company tackled a lot of red tape just to get clearance to stay open later.

The argument was that the city didn't want another restaurant turning into a bar at night but last summer the city approved the license and owner is ready to unveil his new project.

"It's a place of a city experience like something you would get at the Ferry Building [in San Francisco] or sit down and enjoy a plate of mussels or some oysters," said co-owner, Will Brady.

Brady is also the owner of the Banshee in downtown Chico.

He said the bar is being set up - and an outdoor patio was built in the back with some old nostalgia of Chico history, the Town Lounge sign.

"I wanted the sign because it's a piece of Chico culture I think," said Brady.

The Town Lounge shut its doors in May of 2013. And Brady said it makes a great light for the patio.

In order to open his new restaurant, Brady had to prove to the City of Chico that his restaurant was not going to be another late night bar that would add to the drinking problems in downtown.

"I think hopefully with this place they will see entered this with good faith," said Brady.

"The B Street Oyster Company was a restaurant that was looking to be more of a bar - and requesting variances on our restaurant licensing," said Chico City Councilman, Randall Stone.

Stone said in order for the business to maintain a restaurant alcohol license in the City of Chico their food must generate more than 50 percent of their revenue rather than alcohol.

"That's a restaurant. That's what the definition of a restaurant is," said Stone.

Brady said he's agreed with the city to have last call at midnight. He believes his new restaurant is a high end establishment and doesn't add to the drinking problem in downtown.

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