Paradise couple struck twice by fire will be home for the holidays

Paradise couple struck twice by fire...

PARADISE, Calif. - Jerry and Patty Wilson will finally be in their own house one week before Christmas. This comes after they saw their home, and their rental house they lived in after the first blaze, destroyed by fires during a 9-month period.

A year ago the Wilsons' Paradise house fell victim to an electrical fire. Nine months later the house they were renting in the interim was one of three houses that was destroyed during September's Saddle Fire.

For the last three months, the couple has lived with their son and daughter-in-law.

"We have been very blessed," said Patty Wilson. "Family and friends have been wonderful."

Work on the couple's original 1,400 square foot Paradise home should be finished one week before Christmas Day.

It includes many upgrades, but unfortunately doesn't include a guarantee that a fire won't strike a third time.

"We were just thinking that," chuckled Patty. "And praying that it's not going to happen again."

The Wilsons were insured for their belongings in both fires. However, family heirlooms could not be replaced.


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