Paradise teen dies after being hit by car

PARADISE, Calif. - A Paradise teen has died after getting hit by a car while crossing the street in Butte County.

13-year-old Skyler Millner was hit while riding his scooter Friday and he was pronounced dead Sunday night.

His friends and family are doing everything they can to make sure he won't be forgotten.

"We ate lunch together and we would always run the track together.  We just had so much fun," said Gerald Campbell.

Campbell is experiencing a tragedy that no one his age should go through, losing his best friend.

"I just started to cry and I didn't think it was going to make it," said Campbell.

Millner was hit by a 2006 Mercedes sedan being driven by 63-year old Kenneth Hunt on Friday afternoon. Police said Milner was in the middle of the crosswalk on the 5500-block of the Skyway when he got hit.

Millner was then taken to Enloe Medical Center. On Sunday night, he was taken off life support and pronounced dead.

"It's been hard, I feel bad for his family though," said Campbell.

Campbell and his family set up a vigil outside of Annie's Cafe where a sign says "RIP Skyler, you will be missed," and Gerald wrote below best friends forever.

Campbell met Millner at the Paradise Intermediate School one year ago.  The news of Millner's death is hitting the school just as hard.

"I've had some contact with some staff members and a bunch of them are asking questions, 'Have you heard the news?' It's starting to be rather well known," said Paradise Intermediate School Principal Reiner Light.

Light says Millner was a very nice boy who did very well in school. He also kept his nose clean.

When asked whether Millner spent time in the principal's office, Light responded that he never had to deal with him on that level.

"It was my pleasure saying good morning to him," Light said.

Family and friends are setting up a couple of fundraisers around paradise for the Millner family.

There will be a car wash at the Rabobank in Paradise on Saturday and a fundraiser at Pilot High Yogurt Shop from 2 p.m. until close. 

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