Search for Neal King continues in Berry Creek

Search for Neal King continues in Berry Creek

BERRY CREEK, Calif. - Deep down a windy gravel road into a steep canyon in remote Butte County, the search for Neal King--a man missing outside of Oroville since March--continued Saturday morning.

The circumstances around King's disappearance are still a mystery, but officials have suggested it could be related to a marijuana or real estate deal gone bad.

King's mother, Gayle, traveled from McAllen, Texas, to rural Berry Creek to search for answers.

"I've spent the last eight months researching the area and trying to pinpoint areas to look for him and we've come to this today," says King as she stands near a creek deep in the canyon.

Desperate for clues, King's mother turned to psychics who suggested numbers, letter and even signs that will hopefully point them in the right direction and narrow the search of the vast wilderness east of Lake Oroville.

"We finally have some areas that we feel strongly about," King says.

Tamara Conklin has been crucial to the search, working as King's eyes and ears in Berry Creek.

She says she has been working every day with psychics "taking leads from them, investigating the situation, going to the places that they have directed me, and that's how we got to where we are today," Conklin says.

She says she has been driven to aid in the search for a simple reason.

"I'm a mother and Gayle deserves justice and to bring her son home," she says.

With that spirit, about 30 volunteers joined in the search Saturday, support that King says has been pivotal.

"It really helps through the grieving process," King says, "to be surrounded by compassionate people, caring people that want to help out and they don't even know my son or me and my family. I really appreciate it."

Also using a K-9 forensic dog team from New Mexico, the team searched Saturday for any clue of Neal King, or maybe just answers to where he's gone.

"I never understood about closure because, of course, I've never been in this position,' says King, "but I have a real strong sense your mind, your body, your spirit are one and you need to have all three together. I really hope that between today and tomorrow we can have some closure."

The search will continue Sunday morning at 9 a.m. in the Berry Creek area. Teams will gather at Berry Creek Community Church at 1461 Bald Rock Road to get started.

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