Several residents homeless after Oroville fire

OROVILLE, Calif. - Several people in downtown Oroville are homeless after a fire spread from an outdoor area into an attic Monday afternoon.

First reports of the fire on Montgomery Street between Third and Fourth Avenues came in just after 12 p.m.

The home is divided into three apartments and firefighters arrived to find a fire that started near a rear unit had moved into the attic.

Crews were forced to cut holes into the ceiling to access it, causing considerable damage.

"Everyone's been displaced at this point until we can determine whether the structure is actually safe to live in," says Miguel Ruiz with the Oroville Fire Department. "As of right now, if I had to estimate, I would say this is a total loss.

There's no word about the exact number of people who lived in the building.

Firefighters shut down a portion of Montgomery Street from Fifth to Second Avenues for more than two hours as crews mopped up.

While fire officials are still working to determine an exact cause, they say that an initial call suggested a barbeque was likely where it began.

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