Students builds race car from scratch to compete

Students build race car from scratch to compete

CHICO, Calif. - In the last three years, nine students at Chico State have spent time and their hard earned money building an open wheel race car for an international competition.

These students have spent nearly $8,000 on this car, and they said they built it from scraps they found on the internet.

Chico State senior, Josh Miranda and his friends started this project. They bought the engine inside the car from a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 street bike. The students found the engine on Craigslist for $500.

In two months, the nine students will compete in the International Society of Automotive Engineers competition against 80 other schools.

"We took the car out to the UC Davis track two weekends ago, and we really saw what was wrong with the car and what we needed to work out," said Miranda. "That was our first driving experience."

Miranda started the SAE chapter at Chico State three years ago; after motor company Tesla told him he didn't have enough experience for an internship with them. He said the car can reach up to speeds of 65 mph.

The competition is from June 18 - 22 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Miranda said there is no cash prize but he and his friends do it for the love of building cars.

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