Torres Shelter adds new rules after bed bug infestation

CHICO, Calif. - The Torres Shelter in Chico has reopened its doors after a bed bug infestation and new rules have been established.

Staff will now inspect everyone before entering the shelter to make sure another infestation will not happen.

Staff and volunteers are working around the clock to get the shelter back up and running.
The shelter is now in the process of putting together a sanitation station outside the building.  The Torres Shelter says they cannot take any fabric donations or books if they are not brand new until that station gets built.
The staff says that will hurt them financially, but they'd rather be safe than sorry.

"Tons and tons of complications and trying to figure out how we can still maintain services," said Brad Montgomery, executive director of the Torres Shelter.

Montgomery said they found the first bed bug six months ago.  They did treatments but they kept getting reports of people getting bug bites.  They decided to fumigate the entire building.    

The Torres Shelter says they had to stop construction on their $1 million expansion project during the fumigation. Montgomery added Slater and Son General Contractor did not charge them for the work stoppage.

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