Town Manager of Paradise Steps Down from Position After 16 Years of Service

PARADISE, Calif. - After 16 years of service, Interim Town Manager of Paradise Chuck Rough will be retiring right before the new year.

Rough said he is relieved as his decades of public service come to an end.

Rough has been serving the town of Paradise for the past 16 years and next Monday will be his last day.

Before serving as interim town manager in Paradise, Rough has been in public service for 34 years.

He got his first break as a public works employee for the City of Norwalk in eastern Los Angeles County.

Before landing in Paradise he served the cities of Salema in Fresno County and in Yreka.

Rough said he has worked with the "best people in the business" over the years.

Through the economic recession, Paradise had faced serious budget problems but Rough said he and his team of councilmen found ways to get through it -- Rough even volunteered to take a pay cut.

Rough decided to cut out of his two-year contract and went for an hourly pay without benefits. This dropped his salary from $65 per hour to $45 per hour and it has saved the town $300,000 over the past two fiscal years.

One accomplishment that he is proud of getting done while in office is having CAL FIRE take over the city's firefighting responsibility. He has also found a new way for the town to put their trash to good use by opening a recycling center off of Clark Rd.

Rough said that after a long career, he plans to start a bipartisan committee and other business opportunities.

When asked if he was retiring, Rough said no.

"This is just another chapter in my life," he said.

Assistant Town Manager Lauren Gill will take over next Tuesday and Rough said he is confident that she will be an even better station manager for the city.

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