Triple digits heat up A/C repair business

Triple digits heat up A/C repair business

CHICO, Calif. - Air conditioning service companies across the Northstate have been slammed with people calling to have their air conditioners fixed.

Crews in Chico said this is very common when the first heat wave of the season hits.

Phones were ringing off the hook at Royal Aire Heating and Air Conditioning as blistering triple digit temperatures cooked the Northstate.

"They have 87 calls to do today," said Royal Aire Heating and Air Conditioning co-owner, Royal Hawkley.

Everyone at Royal Aire was on duty Monday making sure their customers stayed cool as the mercury rises.

Senior technician Tom Almos was repairing an air conditioner that ran out of Freon gas; the gas pushes the hot air out of the house so cooler air can flow in.

"I check the pressure and if it's low I'll put some back in there," said Almos.

Almos said he averages 8 to 10 calls per shift, and works 12 to 15 hours to get them done.

"Life gets in the way, people just don't think about it until that first hundred degree day. Then all of a sudden, everybody calls in and here we go," said Almos.

Experts said to change your air filter every month. Also, run your air conditioner early in the morning, keep your blinds shut, and check insulation in your home.

In Tehama County, high temperatures are good news for olive farmers.

Farmers at Lucero Olive Oil said the heat is excellent for olives since they come from a very warm Mediterranean climate. The bigger concern is a lack of water.

Lucero officials said they have 600 acres of trees and each of them needs 300 gallons to make it through the season.

"We have a well right now, so we are able to keep up with irrigation," said Larry Treat with Lucero Olive Oil. "As far as the other farmers their water costs are going up."

Some other olive farmers claim their water bill is 10 to 12 times higher this summer.

Lucero Olive Oil officials said their crop is looking healthy and will harvest in October once it starts cooling down.

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