Two 'Gypsy' moths found in Butte County foothills

MAGALIA, Calif. - Two invasive moths were found in the Magalia area last week.

The Butte County Agricultural Department wants to know if any more are seen.   

Experts say they found the Gypsy moths within a mile of each other, and they're concerned because these bugs can destroy trees in the Butte County foothills.

One of the moths was found at Tri Flame Propane off the Skyway and the other was found on Calvary Court.

Experts say these moths can eat the leaves and weaken the bark of a tree, even when they're just caterpillars.  They'll usually come back to the same tree each year.

The Butte County Department of Agriculture has set up green traps all around Magalia to trap the invasive creatures.  Experts say these moths have a big appetite.

"It has a very wide range and it will literally take the plants down to nothing.  It will look like Yosemite in the winter time when this thing has a full season of eating," said Butte County agricultural commissioner Richard Price.

The department inspected the traps around Magalia Monday and so far they have not found anything.   They will check on Wednesday and Friday to see if they catch anything.

The Department of Agriculture is asking for your help. If you see any of these moths around your home or work you're asked to give them a call.

If you would like to get one of those green traps, you can pick them up at any of the agriculture offices either in Chico, Gridley, or Oroville.




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