Two injured after alleged butane honey oil lab explosion

OROVILLE, Calif. - Two men are recovering in the hospital from an alleged butane honey oil lab explosion.

Cory Madison and Brandon Clark were air lifted to UC Davis Medical Center for burns they suffered in the blast Saturday.

The explosion happened around noon at the Country View Apartments off Grand Avenue in Oroville.  Oroville Police said they got a call of loud explosion noises and smoke coming out of one of the apartments.

Once firefighters got on scene, they found canisters of butane along with large amount of marijuana.

Officers said they are several children that live in that apartment complex.

"Well fortunately, there were no children in the apartment, but even so they usually take a tally of children in the surrounding complex and add a count of child endangerment for each child," said Sergeant John Bruschi.

The district attorney's office is expected to file the charges this week. No word on how Madison and Clark are doing.

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