Two more lives claimed on Highway 70

Two more lives claimed on Highway 70

PALERMO, Calif. - Two more people have been killed on Highway 70 in Butte County.

A man and a woman believed to be in their thirties were killed Wednesday afternoon inside of a pickup truck after colliding with a semi.
"The collision of the pickup truck caused it to be pushed back 70 yards where during the incident both occupants of the pickup in their thirties died in that collision," said Sergeant Al Sanders of California Highway Patrol.
The CHP says that the man was driving and the woman was in the passenger seat; neither was wearing a seat belt.
Officers say the driver merged over to the right side of the highway going towards Marysville, then turned quickly back to the left, losing control, and smashing into a semi heading the other way.
"It does not appear to be speed involved; however, we still have to take measurements and put it all together and come up with a viable conclusion," said Sanders.
Despite the lives that have been lost on this highway in the past year, the CHP says that Highway 70 has surprisingly gotten safer.
"It's really improved over the years and our crash picture has dropped over the past two years," said Sanders.
Highway 70 has been repaved and widened this year.
"It's actually much better than it used to be from years ago, it just people have to be paying attention to their driving.  Slow down if they need to, keep a high visual horizon, wear seat belts, and drive safely," said Sanders.

There is no word yet if alcohol or distracted driving were involved in this accident.  The driver of the semi was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

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