Two rival gang members speak against gang life

Two rival gang members speak against gang life

OROVILLE, Calif. - Two notorious former gang members spoke at a reconciliation event in Oroville Saturday afternoon to show there's a better life outside of a gang.

Kilroy Roybal and David Bautista spoke at the Oroville Church of the Nazarene.

The two former gang members used to be rivals but they are brothers. They say through their faith in Christ they have reconciled their differences.

Roybal helped organize the Mexican mafia in the 1960's, and Bautista was part of a rival gang. They united to speak against gang life.

"I'm here to minister to the young people there's a better and different way," said Roybal. "My way was Jesus Christ and I accepted him into my life after I got out of Pelican Bay."

Roybal said he changed his ways in 1993 when someone told him about Christianity. Both Bautista's and Roybal's goal is to change young men's lives from making the same mistakes they did before it's too late.

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