Car crash leaves hundreds in the dark

POSTED: 6:12 PM Dec 30 2013
REDDING, Calif. -

An early morning crash cut electricity to about 200 Redding residents Sunday night when a car knocked down a power pole.

It happened just after midnight when witnesses say a black Toyota pickup crashed into both the power pole and a white Scion car.

The power pole toppled into the middle of the street ripping the power lines out of nearby apartments and destroying a transformer.

No one was hurt and witnesses say the driver fled the scene.

Redding Electric Utility workers were out Monday replacing the power pole and restringing the lines.  They expected to have the poles up and lines connected around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Officials say one apartment complex will remain without power tonight.  That apartment’s power distribution module was damaged in the accident and must be replaced by the apartment’s landlord.