RED BLUFF, Calif. -

The Tehama County Animal Care Center is looking to reunite a paralyzed cat with her owners.

At first glance Dragon Kitty looks just like your typical, curious cat.

On Friday afternoon the tiger-like feline was lounging on the cool floor of the Tehama County Animal Care Center.

She meowed, purred, played with a ball and lounged lazily about.

But the moment she got up to walk you can tell right away what makes Dragon Kitty unique.

Her back legs are mostly paralyzed and she walks with just her front two feet carrying her and her back end extended out in front of her.

"We call her Dragon Kitty for two purposes. She obviously has to drag her hind end but also because she's really amazing," said the care center's manager, Christine McClintock.

"She's really strong, she's really unique," she continued.

McClintock calls the case unique.

"It's not something I've ever seen and not something our vet had seen."

Dragon Kitty's back legs are fully developed so McClintock believes she suffered an injury and wasn't born paralyzed.

But the center is still looking for answers.

"We actually sent a video down to UC Davis Neurology Department to see if they've ever seen anything like this as well."

It's not just the science behind this feline that has the center puzzled.

They want to know where she came from.

She was recently picked up on the outskirts of Corning.

The center is hoping to find her owner.

"There's no way she would've survived this long without someone looking out for her so somebody has got to come forward, so we're hoping to find them."

The Tehama County Animal Care Center can be reached at 530-527-3439