REDDING, Calif. -

A new California state law requires chefs, bartenders and any restaurant worker touching uncooked food to wear gloves.

The law is currently in its six-month grace period. Warnings instead of possible fines or punishments will be given out until July, when the law will take full effect.

The purpose behind the glove law was to ensure cleanliness and food safety.

Many working in the food industry believe this new law is not only a nuisance to workers, but to customers as well.

“It could slow things down,” said Executive Chef Wes Matthews of Market St. Steakhouse in Redding.

Any restaurant worker handling ready-to-eat foods such as bread, salad and garnishes in drinks, must wear single-use gloves.

Matthews believes the threat of other workers not washing their hands is now even higher because people think they’re covering up the germs.

“With the gloves being implemented, you're going to get people just ripping off those gloves, with those same hands putting on new gloves without washing their hands because they're assuming they're all in the clear with these rubber gloves," explained Matthews.

Regulators are still figuring out how to enforce the new law.