A Chico author is starting to make big waves in the publishing world. 

Tina Gower won the international grand prize for the Writers of the Future contest Sunday April 14 in Los Angeles.

It was all part of the 29th annual L. Ron Hubbard achievement awards for science fiction.

She beat out thousands of other writers to win the prestigious award for her science fiction short story.

Along with the trophy she took home a five thousand dollar cash prize.

Her award winning story was also published in a book alongside the other finalists.

It's also up for another award—this time for romance.

Gower said that while winning the Writers of the Future contest was a great achievement, meeting the judges—who are big names in the publishing universe—was something else altogether.

"You'd have to pay a lot of money to be able to even just see them," Gower said. "They were talking to us and they were giving us advice and they were treating us like we were professionals and that's a completely unique experience."

"There will never again be an opportunity where I'll get to meet these people, you know, all together," she added.

But Gower will be meeting at least one of those judges again soon.

She’s signed on to co-write a novel with one of them—although she’s not allowed to reveal who that author is just yet.

And what makes Gower's achievement even more special—she’s overcome dyslexia to pursue her writing dreams.

There's a lot more to come from this shooting star this year.

Gower has a novel on the way and another of her short stories will be released online May 1.

For a link to the website where Gower's short story will be release, click here.