Wildflower Open Classroom in Chico is holding its first annual music festival Saturday as a fundraiser for the school.

The festival, at Manzanita Place on the grounds of the Elks Lodge in Chico, includes seven bands playing on two stages.

There are also arts and crafts and local foods vendors.

Wildflower is a public, tuition-free, kindergarten through eighth grade school.

Jonas Herzog, chairman of the school board, says it's a family event and with triple digit temperatures, there's plenty to see and do out of the sun.

"We have lots of kids activities," Herzog says, "water play--we all know it's a hot day today--so get the kids in the water. Lots of good music. Two stages of good music, and all proceeds today will benefit the school."

Herzog thinks it is important in economic times such as these to think outside of the box when fundraising.

"You know, in this climate funding is down all across the board," Herzog says, "so we need to do whatever we can to get more money for the school, essentially."

The music lasts until 10 p.m. Saturday and is free for children 12 and under.