After 7 years in the field, Chico Police Department K-9 Ray has retired.

Ray’s last day was June 27, 2013. The department says they will not only miss Ray, but they will also not be able to fill his spot due to the city’s financial situation.

“This is a huge loss not only to the handler but the community as well,” said K-9 Supervisor Sgt. Mike Nelson.

Sgt. Nelson says Ray served a special purpose for the department. Not only was he Officer Jeff Durkin’s dedicated partner; but he was also a tool that could accomplish the tasks of 3 to 4 officers.

“They save many man hours when it comes to being deployed on the street,” said Sgt. Nelson, “they can do it quicker and faster.”

During Ray’s 7 year career, he was deployed more than 800 times, searched hundreds of buildings to track down violent criminals and assisted in countless cases.

“It is cool to have a partner so dedicated to you,” said Officer Durkin, “he makes me look good.”

Officer Durkin has been with the department for ten years, spending a majority of his career with Ray.  He says the two share a special bond.

“Having the dog was the best job I ever had,” said Officer Durkin. 

Officer Durkin may be losing his partner, but he is not losing his best friend.  The 9-year-old German Shepherd will live out his retirement as a pet with oOfficer Durkin and his family.

“He has been around longer than both my kids, so to have him stay at home is going to be a lot of fun,” said Officer Durkin.