CHICO, Calif. -

A Chico man could face hate crime charges after allegedly striking a man with his truck last month and yelling racial slurs.

Larry Siordia, 28, was arrested after being discharged from the hospital Tuesday.

It's the latest twist in a series of violent incidents that police say are all related.

It started early on the morning of May 19.  Shots were fired into a vehicle along Rancheria Drive.  The suspect in that shooting Pedro De La Torre, 30, was struck and killed by a train while trying to flee the scene. 

Just days later, on May 24, police say Larry Siordia struck a man with his truck while the victim sat outside an apartment on Rancheria Drive.  The assault is thought to be in retaliation for the earlier shooting.

Siordia was shot as he tried to flee the scene and crashed his truck into a parked car.

Police said his brother Marcelino Siordia, 25, drove a getaway vehicle and transported his brother to the hospital.

Both are documented gang members and are being charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Chico Police Lt. Mike O'Brien said Larry Siordia is alleged to have yelled a racial slur at the man he hit with his truck, which may lead to a hate crime enhancement.

Lt. O'Brien also said police aren't sure if Siordia targeted him because of his race or because he was involved in the first shooting.

Larry Siordia, his brother Marcelino, and Pedro De La Torre are reported associates.

O'Brien also says that gang enhancements could be added to the charges, but that will be up to Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey.