Chico Man Hit and Killed by Train Possibly Involved in Shooting Incident Minutes Before

POSTED: 6:24 PM May 21 2013
CHICO, Calif. -

Days after a man was hit and killed by a train early Sunday morning in Chico, police are saying the man, 30-year-old Pedro De La Torre, may have been involved in a shooting incident minutes before he was hit.

It happened just after 3 a.m., along the tracks near West Sacramento Ave and several Chico Police Dept. detectives and crime scene investigators were called in to investigate Torre's death.

They now believe that Torres may have been involved in a fight just over an hour before, fired shots and was attempting to escape the scene when he was hit by the train.

According to personnel on the train, Torre was seen running towards the railroad tracks in an attempt to cross the tracks ahead of the train. He was struck by the train as he tried to cross the tracks.

The investigators found that several witnesses reported hearing the train's whistle blowing and multiple gunshots occurring simultaneously.

The shots were thought to be in the area of W. Sacramento Ave. and North Cedar St.

When Torres' body was recovered, a loaded revolver was found in his pants pocket which had expended cartridge cases in it – indicating that it had been shot several times.

Torres was also wearing a single latex glove on what is believed to be his shooting hand.

Chico police officers also reported seeing Torre near the scene of a fight on the corner of W. 2nd St. and Broadway 70 minutes before Torre's death. Officers said they saw Torre and several other gang members fleeing the area after the fight.

It remains unclear whether the fight and the shots fired are related.