Chico public library hosts first produce swap

POSTED: 9:24 PM Jul 31 2013
Chico public library hosts first produce swap
CHICO, Calif. -

Chico residents came together Wednesday night for the public library's first produce swap.

The gathering was a chance for hobby farmers to meet and exchange excess produce harvested from their own gardens.

There were also free samples of produce for people to get a taste of what they might be swapping or just get a taste of what local gardeners are growing.

Swapping produce is a regular practice around Chico and folks at the Chico Public Library hope to make this event a regular thing.

“We'd love to do something like this maybe every month in the summer and then every season,” says Chico Library Manager Sarah Vantrease. “We know people do share produce across the fences in their neighborhood or with their families or faith groups, but what's great about the library is it brings together everyone in the community so we can all participate in this as a city”

The swap is a lead up to the opening of a "Seed Lending Library" that will allow the public to check-out seeds to plant in their gardens just like you check-out books.

That's expected to be launched in October.