CHICO, Calif. -

The city of Chico’s finances are under the microscope as a recent editorial by the Chico News and Review is shining a bright light on the very people who say they are suffering most from deep cuts to the city's budget.

The article's sub-headline reads "The only hindrance to police and fire departments being fully staffed is their own greed."

According to the article, in 2013, one Chico fire captain received $286,000 in total compensation. That is the total of his salary, overtime, special pay, and benefits.

It also states that Chico Police Chief Kirk Trostle received a total compensation of $251,000.

The article also adds the average salary and wages of a city worker are higher than in the city of San Francisco.

"You can't really say that they are controlling the budget or controlling the destiny of the city, it's what the expectations of the community are,” said Chico City Manager Brian Nakamura. “The expectations are is that we have a safe community, one that is clean and has great parks and services. You have to pay for that."

Public safety takes up about 80 percent of the Chico’s city budget.

Nakamura was also mentioned in the article, and it states that he receives an average of $325,000 year.

Nakamura also said that the city has made a lot of cuts in the past and is ready to start re-building, but he's still waiting on the city's audit report which will come out next month.