Chico retailers presented with local shopper research

POSTED: 10:39 PM Oct 15 2013
Chico retailers presented with local shopper research

Chico retailers got some inside knowledge on local shopping trends on Tuesday at Nantucket Home.

The workshop was the first of three over the next couple of days where business leaders could learn what's making the Chico shopper tick.

Those who attended witnessed an extensive shopper survey and data from focus groups.

It's an effort by Tri Counties Bank to help retailers monopolize on the market in front of them and hopefully take advantage of opportunities they might not know exist.

"We feel by doing this study and sponsoring it will be very helpful for the retail segment of our business community to be successful in their ventures," says Tri Counties Executive Vice President Richard O'Sullivan.

Rick Tofanelli, owner of Nantucket Home, says the information was good reinforcement.

"We have a retail situation that could always get better," Tofanelli says. "We could always get smarter and we need to get together with the people with outside experience."

One of the findings shows Chico lacks demand for high end chain while another shows more shoppers need encouragement to shop locally because they're turning online instead.

A map was also provided showing where Chico retail opportunities exist.

There are two more presentations set for Wednesday.

The first will be at the Chico Mall Food Court at 8 a.m. while the other starts at 3 p.m. at the Tri Counties Bank Headquarters near the Chico Airport.