CHICO, Calif. -

A Chico State student got back her dog's collar; the dog she said saved her and a friend's life.  
Rachel Athos and a friend said they were confronted by a mountain lion Saturday afternoon in Upper Bidwell Park.
Athos' said on her Facebook page today that a tracker was able to find her dogs remains.

"A USDA Wildlife Service's tracker went out to investigate our case. He was able to find Lexi's body."
Park rangers said Tuesday night they found pieces of her body near Alligator Hole, a mile away from Brown Hole where Athos, her roommate and dog were confronted.
Athos' also wrote, "Even if Lexi was not present, the mountain lion would have tracked us, and without her we would have had a different outcome."
She then said, "The tracker 100 percent knows that Lexi did what she did to save our lives."
Athos said they buried Lexi next to where she was found and made a rock formation in her honor.

We called park rangers and the General Services Department to confirm the attack  but they never returned our calls.