Cottonwood little league was planning a fundraiser for a Northstate teen battling cancer when their snack bar was broken into.

Vandals stole more than $400 in cases of food that were going to be used for a barbecue and softball tournament to raise money for Taylor Andrews.

Cottonwood little league officials said this is not the first time someone has broken into their snack bar but this time, not only did the vandals break in and steal stuff, they also left some graffiti.

Sherry Roda said all they wanted to do was help the Andrews family.

"I came here and it's broken into and at first, I thought they hadn't taken anything but when I opened the freezer and refrigerator, all the food was gone -- cases of pretzels, chicken, candy, you name it -- it was all gone!" said Roda.

The softball tournament and barbecue will still go on. It is planned for August 11 at the Cottonwood Little League Field.