ALTURAS, Calif. -

As shock waves subside in Alturas following a violent shooting at a tribal office nearly a week ago, family members and friends of the four who were killed may be beginning to struggle with emotions.

"I would just like people to know that whatever they're feeling is probably normal,” said Robin Farnam, coordinator for victim services in Modoc County.

Though some may feel conflicted with what their feeling, Farnam explained those emotions can come in waves. Not feeling sadness in a short time after an incident like what happened in Alturas doesn’t mean grief won’t suddenly strike weeks, even months later.

“Talking to professionals would be great but if they're not able to do that, talking to their family and their friends is also very beneficial to them,” explained Farnam.

Crisis counseling will be available through victim services in Modoc County for anyone needing to talk about losing their friend, family member or loved one during the Alturas shooting.

“Just getting that out there, their feelings, is really important right now," said Farnam.