Deputies Make Meth Arrests in Casino Parking Lot

POSTED: 11:19 AM May 18 2013
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OROVILLE, Calif. -

Butte County Deputies arrested a man and a woman outside a casino early Saturday morning, on a series of drug charges.


It happened Saturday at 4:24 a.m..  Deputy M. Sears saw Gordon Thurman, 46 of Oroville, in a car in the Gold Country Casino parking lot.  Deputy Sears knew Thurman is on searchable release on his own recognizance, and has previously arrested Thurman for possession of narcotics.


Deputy Sears contacted Thurman and the passenger in the vehicle, Anita Kamaitis, 34 of Oroville.  Kamaitis had taken possession of the car keys and refused to give them to the deputies so they could search the vehicle per the Court ordered conditions of his release. 


Kamaitis was arrested for obstructing and delaying a peace officer.  Deputies recovered the keys searched the vehicle and located .38 pounds of methamphetamine, packaged in various quantities, and a scale commonly used to measure, package and distribute narcotics, secreted within the vehicle.


Thurman and Kamaitis were both arrested for the following violations:  11377(a) H&S, possession of a controlled substance; 11378 H&S, possession of a controlled substance for sales; 11379 H&S, transportation of a controlled substance for sales; and 1366.8(a) H&S, the use of a false compartment to store a controlled substance. 


Thurman was also arrested for committing a felony while out on his own recognizance.  Kamaitis was also arrested for obstructing or delaying a Peace Officer.