Domestic violence survivor helping other victims

POSTED: 12:32 AM Jul 26 2013
Domestic violence survivor helping other victims

Shasta County has seen a rise in reported domestic violence cases. However, most are never reported. One domestic violence survivor is hoping to change that by helping others in need.

Between 55 percent to 95 percent of domestic abuse or sexual assault cases never gets reported to authorities. Seonaidh Anderson is a survivor of domestic violence and volunteers with the 24-hour crisis line at One Safe Place in Redding.

“It’s definitely tough I have my times where I struggle getting through calls,” said Anderson, “I have witnessed a lot of abuse in my life, definitely still get stories that pull me out of my element sometimes. It’s things you would never expect to hear in your life.”

Anderson says she has compassion for every victim who calls in to the center.

“I got out of a relationship that was very abusive and had a restraining order. Coming in here they said I was one of the most prepared clients,” said Anderson.

She never sought help because she was always too scared, but hopes other victims realize there are resources.

“Even though I don’t know their exact position I can empathize and find a path and figure out what feelings they are going through and help them move to the next step,” said Anderson.

If you or a person you know are a victim of domestic violence or abuse you can contact One Safe Place- in Shasta County: 244-0117 or Shingletown area: 474-1910.  You can also visit their website for more information: