REDDING, Calif. -

FOX's hit show Glee paid farewell to the character Finn, Thursday night.

Finn was played by actor, Cory Monteith who died from a heroin overdose in Vancouver last July.

Drug Counselors at the Empire Recovery Center in Redding said heroin addiction doesn't discriminate.

One counselor said the majority of clients that check themselves into the facility suffered a common injury like a torn ACL or an injury from an auto accident.

Those that are injured will often be prescribed opioid pain medication, such as Vicodin or oxycodone.

The medications are highly addictive, but difficult to get refilled so users will often turn to heroin.

Counselors also said that users are now smoking heroin, which is more difficult to detect because syringes aren't used.

If you need assistance, the Empire Recovery Center, which is a faith based organization, is located at 1237 California St. in Redding.

The number is (530) 243-7470.