CHICO, Calif. -

Two clerks at a Chico store had to scramble to get out of the way of an SUV that came barreling through the front of the store.

It happened at Cigarettes City near East Avenue and the Esplanade in Chico around 1 p.m. Wednesday.

A red Ford Explorer crashed about 20 feet into the store. Witnesses said the driver, a woman in her 20's, was wearing a full leg air cast on her right leg.

She told onlookers that she thought she had hit the brake, but instead hit the accelerator and crashed into the store.

Clerk Debbie Garcia was standing at the counter talking to her colleague, when the Explorer burst in, shattering the glass in the front window, and knocking over everything in its path.

 ”The next thing I knew, a vehicle was mid-air in our store,” said Garcia.  “I barely saw it when the counter and everything threw me and my co-worker against the wall. It was chaos. Smoke started coming from the vehicle and it got real ugly in there.”
Garcia cut her foot while crawling out of the wreckage 

The driver was trapped in the vehicle for about 15 minutes but was freed before firefighters arrived.  She was not seriously injured.