Drivers on Highway 162 urged to use caution due to smoldering hay fire

Drivers on Highway 162 urged to use...

WILLOWS, Calif. - A fire at Cal-Ag on Highway 162, west of Willows, is creating a large amount of smoke in the area and officials are warning drivers to use caution when traveling on Highway 162. 

According to the Glenn County Sheriff's Office, a fire started in a stack of hay around noon at Cal-Ag. Officials said the hay was in that location after it was removed and isolated due to being wet. The cause of the fire remains under investigation but it is believed to have started from spontaneous combustion due to moisture content, heat from the stack of hay, and wind. 

Officials said multiple fire agencies remain on scene including Kanawha, Willows, and Glenn-Codora. Officials added the fire is contained to the stack and is not threatening anything. 

The fire is anticipated to burn and smolder for several days. Residents who are sensitive to smoke or who have health conditions are urged to keep their doors and windows shut and limit outdoor activity.

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