RED BLUFF, Calif. -

Tehama County's Military Family Support Group will dedicate a Gulf War Era Monument in Red Bluff Monday morning at 10 a.m.

It’s a tribute to local men and women who've fought in the Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, active military, and the fallen.

So far this newly dedicated monument contains the names of 306 Tehama County veterans who have risked their lives for freedom.

Richard Klupp stopped by to take a look  and found his name among those honored. Klupp served in Afghanistan for a year.

"It’s just touching to see something like this so that anybody that wants to can come up and see all these people here that have served, "said Klupp.

The Tehama County Military Family Support Group said they've been working on this monument since 2006 and wanted to honor those who continue the fight.

"We are very proud of what our young people have been able to do in the Gulf War Era and war on terrorism and we wanted to honor then in some way that was lasting," said Tehama County Military Family Support Group President, Bob Chaney.

"We are really proud of not only our men and women who served in the military but what we’ve been able to accomplish," said Kathy Peters, Director for the Tehama County Military Family Support Group.

The group said they will continue to add more names to the monument as long as the Afghan war continues. To have your name you must have served and have a tie to Tehama County. For more information you can contact Kathy Peters at (530) 529-1852 or (530) 529-2416.