REDDING, Calif. -

American Directions Group is opening its call center here in the Northstate.

This will be the first call center in the state for the market research company.

American Directions Group examined more than 160 other cities before deciding to set up the call center in Redding.

The areas high unemployment rate makes it a prime spot for a job pool that fits the company’s needs.

The new office space is still in the prep stage at the new 6,000 square foot building, located at 2951 Churn Creek Road.

Brian Lopez, the Redding director of operations , says they are looking to fill as many positions as possible before 2014.

"We expect, by the end of this year, to have close to 75 employees. We'll ramp that up quite quickly in March to at least 300 employees, if not more, because we do get very busy," says Lopez.

Another busy time of year is election season.

Lopez says that’s when they need as many callers as possible to help gauge where voters stand on a number of issues.

Many of the openings will be part-time, with callers making $8 an hour to start. He adds that most employees will work afternoon and evening shifts.

“Great work for students looking for employment opportunities as well as homemakers and journeymen looking for part-time work,” Says Lopez.

To submit your resume for American Directions Group, visit their website: