CHICO, Calif. -

Hundreds of passionate Chicoans crammed into the City Council Chambers Tuesday night to discuss ways of combating the city's homeless issue.

The study session basically came about when in August the council failed to pass a sit-and-lie ordinance, which was mostly aimed at downtown transients.

After a brief introduction groups broke off to brainstorm ideas on how to make Chico, and the downtown area in particular, a safer more welcoming place.

Groups each came up with five strategies, either by enforcement or services, to curtail the homeless issue and then those items were placed before the City Council for review.

"There are some things that can be done," says Councilmember Sean Morgan. "Increase enforcement, sit and lie or civil sidewalks ordinance, things of that nature that's easier for us to take the next step. We don't have to wait until March, we can do that tonight, we can do it tonight. What I'd really like to see come out of tonight is action items not further discussions."

And it appears that Morgan got that wish. The council will again take up the civil sidewalks--or sit-lie--ordinance at the November 5 meeting.