REDDING, Calif. -

As many as 11 Shasta County Jail inmates could face hate crime charges after a brawl at the jail.

A riot lasting between 2 and 3 minutes broke out on May 26 in a common area on the third level of the Shasta County Jail.

Deputy District Attorney Tom Toller said based on surveillance video, it appears 11 white inmates attacked 4 black inmates.

According to Toller, Joshua Tannenbaum, 43, seems to be the primary instigator. He is being held on burglary, drug possession and possession of a stolen vehicle, among several other charges.

Toller said it is hard to determine exactly what the motive was because no one from either party is cooperating with authorities. He said based on the video though, it seems the white inmates were targeting the black inmates.

Toller said they are still hoping some of the victims will come forward and give a statement based on what happened.

No one appears to have suffered any major injuries.

Toller said the District Attorney's office will most likely make a decision to add the hate crime enhancement next week. He said that if they are charged with a hate crime enhancement, they could face a felony sentencing.